Thursday, April 8, 2010

Challenges Ahead.

On Monday I embark on another 12 week gym challenge. 12 weeks of hard training, food/alcohol depravation and lots of sweat and tears, hopefully no blood!

I have done one of these challenges before, I actually blogged about it last year. It was hard but I loved it and I got some great results. So now I am doing it all again and it starts on Monday. I will be training 6 days per week with three weight training days and three cardio training days. My PT wants me to have a rest from running and just maintain the level I am currently at. Six weeks in to the challenge we will reintroduce the running and ramp it up towards the end.

I don't think I will keep a separate blog for this challenge. I am having a hard enough time keeping up with this one and Jonah's autism blog. But I will put results in here as they come through.

Oh and I almost forgot the best part!!! Darling Husband is partaking in this event too! He has a different trainer to me but he's going to join in the challenge. It's a race between us now lol. We're both doing it for our health but we're mainly doing it for Jonah. We need to know that we can get through this, that we can rise above the pain and exhaustion and keep going. Because then we know, no matter what, we will always be able to keep going for Jonah.

Come join in the fun and cheer me on!


  1. My money's on you, sure men lose weight faster, but my money's still on you. Cheering you on from Perth xxx

  2. My money's on you!! Sure men lose weight faster, but my money is still on you. Hugs from Perth xxx

  3. You are going to be sinew and steel by the end, Donna! LOL. Bionic woman ;) Good luck and have fun watching the changes in your body and endurance! (the endurance part of being fit, to me, is the ultimate... I love(d) it and it probably got me through the death of Ella a lot 'easier', for want of a better word, so I hear what you're saying and think it's commendable, what you and hubby are doing)