Sunday, July 25, 2010

He Won!

Remember the 12 week challenge? The one Darling Husband and I entered? The fitness and lifestyle change challenge? Well, last Friday night we had the 'Night of Champions' which is the night when all of the 100 entrants and their partners get together and the winner of each club are announced as well as the 'Grand Champion'. We thought that Darling Husband might be a contender for club champion as he did extremely well but when all of the club champions were announced and Darling Husbands name wasn't mentioned we weren't dissapointed as they were all such deserving winners.

But then came time to announce the Grand Champion. Now, both Darling Husband and I thought that the Grand Champion (GC) was chosen from the winning club champions so we were really interested in seeing if our club champion made the grade but weren't expecting it to be either of us so weren't paying as much attention as we probably should have been.

At the start of these challenges, as an entrant you have to write a testimony, a reason why you're doing this challenge and what you think you will gain from it. At the end of the challenge you write another testimony as to how you've changed since embarking on the challenge. Both testimonies are read out as the grand champion is revealed. This is where it gets funny.

They start reading out the testimony..

Speaker: "I am the Father of five children.."

Darling Husband:" Oh hang on, this could be me!"

Me: "Shhh...I'm listening!"

Speaker: "I have a desk job and when I come home from work I sit on the couch..."

Darling Husband: "Umm, I really think this is my testimony."

Me: "SHHHHH! I can't hear what he's saying!"

Speaker: "Reads out the rest of the testimony."

Me (to Darling Husband): "Oh my goodness! I think that's you!"

Darling Husband: "Thats what I've been trying to tell you!"

And yes it was indeed my Darling champion Husband who took out the Grand Champion prize. I am so proud of him and even a week later we are both still in shock! We've both become health fanatics which is so far from where we both were only a year ago. It does get hard and old habits die hard but all in all I think we will be following this path forever now.

If I get game enough I'll put up some of our before and after pics. They're quite astounding!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oh so much has happened!

Forgive me blogreaders for it has been 12 weeks since my last post :P Gosh, I just re read my last post and it was at the start of the challenge. Well that challenge finished on Saturday lol.

I am so happy with my results, I worked really hard every day and it shows. All up I lost 14.5kg in the 12 weeks and 76.5cm from my body. My body fat percentage is now 26% which is really not too bad for someone my age! I want to get it a bit lower but I'm actually in the 'normal' range for body fat percentage. W00t to me!

And the most exciting part, I did the fun run and I RAN THE WHOLE WAY!! 4.2ks, ran the lot, got it in 28m 38sec, and new PB for me :)

I have been training six days a week with a PT or group and I can now say that at the ripe old age of 42 I am a fit healthy female :) I still want to lose a few more kilos but can you believe I'm now a stock standard size 14? Yep! I am. That's a bit of a drop from someone who, a year ago was boardering on a size 20-22. Yikes!

Ohh and Darling Husband did extraordinarily well. He lost 17kg and 100cm from his body. Happy dance for him! You should see how fit he is now too. We're both gym junkies LOL

I now run regularly and do at least 30min or 4ks once a week plus other training. It's so good to not be so exhausted when I run. I love it, oh I still get tired and at the end of it I've had enough but I actually enjoy it now and I can do it.

Perseverence certainly pays off. Luckily I'm so stubborn :P

OK, that's it for me for now but I will be back regularly to post again soon. My computer broke and all I had was my iPhone which is too hard to blog with. I have a new computer now so I promise I'll be more regular :P