Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I've just signed up for my second 10k run! Eeek! I don't know if I can do it. I mean, I know I have done it already and that I can DO a 10ker but it just doesn't feel like I can do it! I feel old and slow and slothy, not young and fast and lithe, like I want to feel!

I am running with two of my new running friends from my old gym. They are ladies in their early fifties and they are such an inspiration to me. Both of them are fantastic runners but one in particular is just a gun! Actually we call her 'Guns' because she's a 55yo gym junkie running chick and she just deserves that moniker lol.

Every Saturday or Sunday we all run together, at our own pace and then we have breakfast together. We feel we've earned it lol. Actually sometimes I think it's the thought of the breakfast that gets us out of bed in the morning!! lol.

So, I'm once again in training. I'm actually in week 2 of a 5 week bootcamp. I've done a bootcamp mission before and nothing, I mean NOTHING gets you fit like bootcamp does. Actually it was doing bootcamp that got me fit enough to do that first 10k so I'm glad it's here again!

I've been terribly sick these past few weeks, I had the flu, laryngitis and a secondary chest infection all at once. Oh and a double ear infection too. I didn't train at all for almost two weeks and when I came back in to it I could hardly move. I've gradually been getting back into training, getting better each day. On Sunday I ran about 4k, it was awful I could hardly breathe. Today I ran 5k and I felt fantastic. I did about 5min of stomach crunches afterwards and then a 1100m row. I'm gradually getting back on track :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

More pics of the Tiger Cubs

Please excuse Jonah's grubby jacket! He'd been munching on something very tasty that day lol. He's still in size ones, tiny little bear. But, he's starting to grow a lot more now so hopefully he will have more career choices than just 'Jockey' lol

Pics as Promised :)

Here are some pics of the kids as promised. I don't have time to load them into photobucket first so you've just got the copy straight from my computer sorry lol. First one is Tiger Sam. How gorgeous is he!? Then Jonah, getting all grown up and gorgeous, then Sam again, then Jonah, then Luke lol. Gosh, I'm going to have to start using photobucket again lol.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Been a bit neglectful haven't I? I really do try and get back here but seriously, any spare time I have is just eaten away these days. Plus, this blog will soon be moving. I'm finding it too distracting having two blogs going. Given I don't have time to look after one, having two means they're both neglected. So, watch this space for the new address TBA!

Anyhoo, what's been happening here?


Since my last post we have had another of our darling boys diagnosed on the Autism spectrum. It was only after Jonah's diagnosis that I started to wonder whether some of the quirky things that Sam was doing might actually be autism. We fronted up to the developmental paediatrician and got the go ahead to have him formally assessed. What we saw surprised us.

Sam has a very high general knowlege IQ. He was tested at 4yrs 8m, the test hits the ceiling at 7yrs 3m...he got to the end of the test and there was nowhere else to go so we really don't know how high his IQ actually is. However when the speech assessment was done he failed in the areas of pragmatic language skills. This bought his IQ down to 108, still very good but if not for the language deficits and the fact he takes everything literally, his score (apparently) would have been 120+. They want to test him again in two years, after he has had some speech therapy to see how he goes.

So, our gorgeous Sam has been given the official diagnosis of high functioning autism (HFA) and now all of those quirks and crazy things he did make sense! Followers of my old blog will remember posts titled 'Cranky little genius', all dedicated to Sam. He showed amazing brightness from an early age but he just never had any common sense lol. Yep, typical HFA!

He's doing well though. He's seeing a great psych and a speech pathologist and he's going great. He will be starting prep next year and is loving the transition to his new school. We didn't apply for an aid because his IQ was too high to get funding.

Now to Jonah. What a little superstar. He's going great at the learning centre and they have done some amazing work with him. He now has a total of 13 words. This is up from none back in March. He doesn't say them all the time and he won't say them on command but we do hear them and that's enough for us.

He is also showing some fantastic play skills, points all the time (he never used to point at all), plays with his toys appropriately, loves his 'dolly' and pushes her in the pram all day, brings me my shoes, loves to sing (although every word is 'Ga ga ga') and he has a great singing voice! He actually keeps in tune really well so although he can't say the words we know the song because we can hear the tune lol.

He's still little but is growing. He's 2yrs 4m and is still wearing size one in pants but has snuck into some size 2 tops even though they're still a little big. His heath has settled a lot and his digestive issues seem to be correcting themselves. We still see a gastroenterologist but he seems to be going well.

His main area of concern is his severe language delay. Some of his words are just sounds but we know what he is trying to say. For example 'Ahya' means 'I want food or water'. It's a spin off from 'nana' which he leaned to say when he was going thgough his 'I will eat nothing but bananas' phase lol. So now when he says 'Ahya' we know it's food or water he wants.

He had his first full time week at the learning centre last week and he coped really well. For those who don't know, the learning centre is using the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) with Jonah and it's just amazing how well he is doing and in such a short space of time. I notice so many changes in the other kids there too.

Luke is just fantastic. He is nearing the end of his first year of prep and is already reading, spelling and doing maths at grade 2 level. It's not just a Mummy brag but he is at the top of his class. He and a little girl have surprised us all with how well they are doing. He's such a gorgeous kid, very sensitive but he loves his footy! LOL.

Me? Well, I am still a gym junkie. I actually have two gym memberships now, how sad is that?! LOL and I am very very proud to say I have recently completed my first ever 10k run! I did it in a great time (for me lol) and am now training for another 10ker in 5 weeks time, a 15k in April and the bog half marathon next year. Maybe, just maybe....a marathon after that!

I will hit send on this now before Jonah wakes and destroys it. Then I will put up some pics!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Sometimes I just don't update my blog because it just seems that my life is so mundane at the moment and there's just not a lot to say! I'm busier than ever but I just can't think of what I'm actually doing that would be worth writing in here lol.

Jonah is at the new learning centre now. They do the Early Start Denver Method there (ESDM) but there's more about that in his blog. I now spend anywhere from 2-4 hours a day driving him too and from the centre. It's a lot of driving time but compared to the help he's getting I really don't care.

On Tuesday we're having Sam assessed for Aspergers syndrome. I hadn't given a single thought that he might have ASD but since having Jonah diagnosed with autism, so much falls into place for Sam. He's always gone to the beat of his own drum but lately we've noticed that his social skills just aren't where they should be. He's a smart kid, very smart but he doesn't get social queues and social norms like he should. So, off to the paed we go to see what the deal is there!

Luke is just going great guns at school. Honestly, I know parents like to brag but we just thought he was average until we had his parent teacher night. Turns out he's working at almost grade two level in English and Maths! He's only in prep so he's at least a year and a half ahead of where he should be. The school is very accomodating and gives him work and homework according to his abilities. We're so proud of him. He's also become such a social butterfly too which, given he had such a bad anxiety disorder, is just amazing!

Darling Husband and I are plodding along. We both hit the gym hard these days and it really does help difuse tension and anxiety in both of us. I am doing boot camp now and will be at that six days a week for 5 weeks. Then it's straight into a new 12 week fitness challenge. No alcohol or bad food until Christmas now!!

How will I ever survive??!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

He Won!

Remember the 12 week challenge? The one Darling Husband and I entered? The fitness and lifestyle change challenge? Well, last Friday night we had the 'Night of Champions' which is the night when all of the 100 entrants and their partners get together and the winner of each club are announced as well as the 'Grand Champion'. We thought that Darling Husband might be a contender for club champion as he did extremely well but when all of the club champions were announced and Darling Husbands name wasn't mentioned we weren't dissapointed as they were all such deserving winners.

But then came time to announce the Grand Champion. Now, both Darling Husband and I thought that the Grand Champion (GC) was chosen from the winning club champions so we were really interested in seeing if our club champion made the grade but weren't expecting it to be either of us so weren't paying as much attention as we probably should have been.

At the start of these challenges, as an entrant you have to write a testimony, a reason why you're doing this challenge and what you think you will gain from it. At the end of the challenge you write another testimony as to how you've changed since embarking on the challenge. Both testimonies are read out as the grand champion is revealed. This is where it gets funny.

They start reading out the testimony..

Speaker: "I am the Father of five children.."

Darling Husband:" Oh hang on, this could be me!"

Me: "Shhh...I'm listening!"

Speaker: "I have a desk job and when I come home from work I sit on the couch..."

Darling Husband: "Umm, I really think this is my testimony."

Me: "SHHHHH! I can't hear what he's saying!"

Speaker: "Reads out the rest of the testimony."

Me (to Darling Husband): "Oh my goodness! I think that's you!"

Darling Husband: "Thats what I've been trying to tell you!"

And yes it was indeed my Darling champion Husband who took out the Grand Champion prize. I am so proud of him and even a week later we are both still in shock! We've both become health fanatics which is so far from where we both were only a year ago. It does get hard and old habits die hard but all in all I think we will be following this path forever now.

If I get game enough I'll put up some of our before and after pics. They're quite astounding!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oh so much has happened!

Forgive me blogreaders for it has been 12 weeks since my last post :P Gosh, I just re read my last post and it was at the start of the challenge. Well that challenge finished on Saturday lol.

I am so happy with my results, I worked really hard every day and it shows. All up I lost 14.5kg in the 12 weeks and 76.5cm from my body. My body fat percentage is now 26% which is really not too bad for someone my age! I want to get it a bit lower but I'm actually in the 'normal' range for body fat percentage. W00t to me!

And the most exciting part, I did the fun run and I RAN THE WHOLE WAY!! 4.2ks, ran the lot, got it in 28m 38sec, and new PB for me :)

I have been training six days a week with a PT or group and I can now say that at the ripe old age of 42 I am a fit healthy female :) I still want to lose a few more kilos but can you believe I'm now a stock standard size 14? Yep! I am. That's a bit of a drop from someone who, a year ago was boardering on a size 20-22. Yikes!

Ohh and Darling Husband did extraordinarily well. He lost 17kg and 100cm from his body. Happy dance for him! You should see how fit he is now too. We're both gym junkies LOL

I now run regularly and do at least 30min or 4ks once a week plus other training. It's so good to not be so exhausted when I run. I love it, oh I still get tired and at the end of it I've had enough but I actually enjoy it now and I can do it.

Perseverence certainly pays off. Luckily I'm so stubborn :P

OK, that's it for me for now but I will be back regularly to post again soon. My computer broke and all I had was my iPhone which is too hard to blog with. I have a new computer now so I promise I'll be more regular :P