Sunday, August 1, 2010


Sometimes I just don't update my blog because it just seems that my life is so mundane at the moment and there's just not a lot to say! I'm busier than ever but I just can't think of what I'm actually doing that would be worth writing in here lol.

Jonah is at the new learning centre now. They do the Early Start Denver Method there (ESDM) but there's more about that in his blog. I now spend anywhere from 2-4 hours a day driving him too and from the centre. It's a lot of driving time but compared to the help he's getting I really don't care.

On Tuesday we're having Sam assessed for Aspergers syndrome. I hadn't given a single thought that he might have ASD but since having Jonah diagnosed with autism, so much falls into place for Sam. He's always gone to the beat of his own drum but lately we've noticed that his social skills just aren't where they should be. He's a smart kid, very smart but he doesn't get social queues and social norms like he should. So, off to the paed we go to see what the deal is there!

Luke is just going great guns at school. Honestly, I know parents like to brag but we just thought he was average until we had his parent teacher night. Turns out he's working at almost grade two level in English and Maths! He's only in prep so he's at least a year and a half ahead of where he should be. The school is very accomodating and gives him work and homework according to his abilities. We're so proud of him. He's also become such a social butterfly too which, given he had such a bad anxiety disorder, is just amazing!

Darling Husband and I are plodding along. We both hit the gym hard these days and it really does help difuse tension and anxiety in both of us. I am doing boot camp now and will be at that six days a week for 5 weeks. Then it's straight into a new 12 week fitness challenge. No alcohol or bad food until Christmas now!!

How will I ever survive??!!


  1. Hi Donna - that is great news about Jonah and fingers crossed with Sam's diagnosis - he sounds a lot like my son (now 28) - he has always walked to the beat of a different drum. xxx

  2. Fantastic news about Luke, Donna.

    I'm glad you have a way to get rid of the stress - I am also a gym lover now and love it for that reason (and the lack of the sound of "MUM!!" there).

    Happy to hear Jonah is getting the help he needs, I hope that happens for Sam too if that's the path he's on.

  3. Donna I love reading your blogg updates so please keep posting!! I'm so glad to hear about Jonah - I look forward to catching up soon seeing you are around my side of town a lot these days. I'm also hoping that whatever happens re the diagnosis for Sam that it will put your mind at rest either way - he is such a cool gentle little man! As for Luke - what a little champ....a lot to be said for his amazing parents....not just the academic stuff but how kind and caring he is towards his little mates at school is a real credit to you and Glenn!