Friday, March 26, 2010

Sugar Free. Easy as can be!

So, I am now about11 days sugar free and this has been a lot easier than last time. I don't think I had any real cravings or withdrawals this time. It's all been smooth sailing.

I had forgotten how much sugar affects my appetite. When I have sugar in my diet I eat so much more, I'm never really full and always find myself foraging for food lol. When I am off sugar I actually find times when I need to remind myself to eat. I eat so much less now, I can feel the food in my stomach and get full so much quicker and after much less food.

I still get cravings now and then for chocolate or cake but it's just a "Oh that would be nice," kind of craving and not a "Give it to me now or will kill you and step over your cold dead body to get to it!" kind of craving. There is a difference lol.

My darling little nephew is doing well. He has had his operation and is on the long road to recovery but he is in the best hands and is doing well. He will be in for about a month. BIL and SIL finally got to cuddle him yesterday.

Ok, just a quick post today. I went for a run this morning and I am starving!! Time to eat....sugar free of course :P

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A week or so ago...

I was waiting to see if my baby has Autism. There has been an update on that here....

This is Jonah's blog which I want to keep separate from this one so please feel free to head on over there and have a look around :)

OK so, when I last posted I was also awating the birth of a brand new nephew, he was due in for days time. I am proud to say that baby Otis arrived yesterday and he is just gorgeous. Unforuntately Otis was born with a hole is his diaphragm and some of his internal organs have moved into his chest cavity. This was not picked up in the scan and was totally unexpected.

He's doing well, has been transfered to the childrens hospital and will have surgery tomorrow or the next day. He looks a lot like his cousin Luke when he was born and I can't help but want to pick up that boy and squish him good!!

Luke is loving school and is doing so much better than we expected! He has mastered all of his 100 magic words and is now well into the next set! They get 100 words divided up onto coloured sheets and learn each set before moving on to the next. It starts with the Golden words and he learned those two days after he got them. That was the pattern, every time he would get a new set of words he would know them all two days after. He's just hooting along!

Sam is not coping as well without Luke home but he's doing ok. Sam, the child whom I said God gave me because He couldn't handle him, has turned into the most quiet, placid, Angelic little boy. I cannot believe he is the same child lol. He is so quiet, sentitive and just so loving. He doesn't destroy the house any more, thankfully, and he is such a joy to be around.

I think God knew that there would be no Mummy left if he gave me Sam as he was and Jonah together! :P

Now, that sugar thing. I am thrilled to say I am still off the sugar and hope to be for a very long time. I just cannot cannot cannot eat it. It goes straight to my mid section and I can't shift it! Plus, it makes me feel downright awful. I sleep poorly, I can't concentrate, my skin goes terrible and I generaly feel lethargic and foggy headed when I am on sugar.

I am so happy to be off it again. I have also told people that I will not be joining them for dessert when we are out. My birthday was the last hoorah and that's it!

I am starting another 12 week challenge at my gym and have been doing a running programme for the past 7 weeks. I have made some great gains but I still need to shift some kilos so I don't feel like I'm running with a weight vest on when all I am wearing is a T shirt lol. I shall keep you all updated on that one!

OK, nuff from me.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Everything is just so hectic. I've pretty much fallen apart but I'm busily putting the pieces back together again. Looking back on the past month I'm quite suprised I got through it. I'm tired, fed up, worried, stressed, busy, uncertain and nothing will change in the near future. That in iteself is quite daunting.

Darling Husband and I have decided that we will do nothing, absolutely nothing that will cause any added stress to our family. We've been quite ruthless about accepting and declinging invitations to places and events that might cause added stress, even though they're meant to 'give us a break.'. People just don't understand that even dropping by for a catch up quick coffee or a catch up can be a stressful event these days. My home is my sanctuary right now and it's all I can do just to keep things running smoothly here. Having to entertain and accomodate visitors is just a bit beyond me at the moment. I know people thing 'but it's only us' and that they'll help themselvs to coffee etc but I'm just not comfortable plodding around in my pyjamas in front of guests and there are some days where I don't actually want to get out of my pyjamas!

I fell well and truly off the sugar free bandwagon, skinning my knees and my pride in the process. I've made a concious decision to get back on that wagon and that started today. I am much better when I am sugar free. Going back on it at least had the benefit of proving to me that I just can't eat it. I felt dreadful, my skin again turned horrid, the weight I lost came back on and my energy levels fell through the floor.

But I can't stay and wallow in self pity, it's too lonely here. I think I've had my sook and my scream and shout and now it's time to pick up, dust off and get moving. Thanks to anyone out there who is still following along this blog. I heart you muchly xxx

Giving up Sugar (again)

Day 1: Going well so far!!