Friday, March 26, 2010

Sugar Free. Easy as can be!

So, I am now about11 days sugar free and this has been a lot easier than last time. I don't think I had any real cravings or withdrawals this time. It's all been smooth sailing.

I had forgotten how much sugar affects my appetite. When I have sugar in my diet I eat so much more, I'm never really full and always find myself foraging for food lol. When I am off sugar I actually find times when I need to remind myself to eat. I eat so much less now, I can feel the food in my stomach and get full so much quicker and after much less food.

I still get cravings now and then for chocolate or cake but it's just a "Oh that would be nice," kind of craving and not a "Give it to me now or will kill you and step over your cold dead body to get to it!" kind of craving. There is a difference lol.

My darling little nephew is doing well. He has had his operation and is on the long road to recovery but he is in the best hands and is doing well. He will be in for about a month. BIL and SIL finally got to cuddle him yesterday.

Ok, just a quick post today. I went for a run this morning and I am starving!! Time to eat....sugar free of course :P

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