Monday, March 15, 2010


Everything is just so hectic. I've pretty much fallen apart but I'm busily putting the pieces back together again. Looking back on the past month I'm quite suprised I got through it. I'm tired, fed up, worried, stressed, busy, uncertain and nothing will change in the near future. That in iteself is quite daunting.

Darling Husband and I have decided that we will do nothing, absolutely nothing that will cause any added stress to our family. We've been quite ruthless about accepting and declinging invitations to places and events that might cause added stress, even though they're meant to 'give us a break.'. People just don't understand that even dropping by for a catch up quick coffee or a catch up can be a stressful event these days. My home is my sanctuary right now and it's all I can do just to keep things running smoothly here. Having to entertain and accomodate visitors is just a bit beyond me at the moment. I know people thing 'but it's only us' and that they'll help themselvs to coffee etc but I'm just not comfortable plodding around in my pyjamas in front of guests and there are some days where I don't actually want to get out of my pyjamas!

I fell well and truly off the sugar free bandwagon, skinning my knees and my pride in the process. I've made a concious decision to get back on that wagon and that started today. I am much better when I am sugar free. Going back on it at least had the benefit of proving to me that I just can't eat it. I felt dreadful, my skin again turned horrid, the weight I lost came back on and my energy levels fell through the floor.

But I can't stay and wallow in self pity, it's too lonely here. I think I've had my sook and my scream and shout and now it's time to pick up, dust off and get moving. Thanks to anyone out there who is still following along this blog. I heart you muchly xxx

Giving up Sugar (again)

Day 1: Going well so far!!


  1. Welcome back, missed you. I will be here enjoying your company whenever you have the time, not going anywhere. Hope your stress becomes less day by day. Be kind to yourself about the slip, we are all human, and in times of severe stress it is harder to stay focussed on everything. Hugs from Perth xxx

  2. Hi Donna. I'm so happy you posted, I was a little worried about you. But I want you to know that no matter how long between blogposts I will still be reading. Good luck starting sugar free again :) (and don't sweat the slip up, it happens to everyone once and a while ) . How's the J man going? xoJen

  3. I know you love to entertain so things must be pretty rough. I hope that you can manage to feel on top of it ASAP.