Saturday, February 13, 2010


I slipped. I ate sugar, just a little bit but eat it I did. It's amazing how just one taste will get you back to craving it again.

We'd gone out and I hadn't planned my eating. I should know by now never to do this as I always end up in trouble. We've just been so busy with Jonah and I have again put myself last. I had eaten a really good breakfast (vegetable omelete) but suddenly it was 4.30pm and I was getting dizzy. I hadn't eaten another thing ALL DAY! That is so unlike me, I am a firm believer in six small meals a day and I usually only miss one, if any.

So here I was in Coles, about to crash into a hypo. I felt that familiar disorientation feeling and started to sweat profusely. Classic hypo symptoms. What I needed was sugar and now. Problem when you are having a hypo is that your brain is starved of sugar so you don't generally make wise decisions. This was no exception!

I went to the lolly aisle and grabbed chocolate. Chocolate is full of sugar but it's medium GI so it doesn't get into your blood stream fast enough. I should have gone for the jelly beans.

The chocolate didn't work fast enough and I was getting worse. At least my brain had enough sense to go for the next best thing after jelly beans, juice! I grabbed a large breakfast juice and drank it without coming up for air. I knew now that even though I felt like death was fast on my badk, I'd had adequate sugar and I didn't need any more. The craving for a cherry ripe was really hard to thwart lol.

The juice had given me an immediate sugar hit so after about ten minutes I started to feel much better. The chocolate held me up until I was able to get home and cook dinner. Unfortaintely my body had had sugar and it liked what it saw!

The next day the cravings were strong. I really wanted more. I tried to justify it that I could have just a little bit but I knew in my head that it was the wrong thing to do. Come night time I was almost climbing the walls again. I had no fruit in the house exept for some frozen berries so I couldn't even get a healthy fructose hit. I was within seconds of sending Darling Husband out to get me some chocolate...

Then I remembered, I DID have some fruit in the house...banana! I chopped some up, mixed it with some weet bix and it was bliss! The perfect sugar hit without feeding teh addiction. It worked, the cravings were gone and I was back on track.

I have also had my first sugarless coffee. I'd given up coffee back in September in a bid to cut down my sugar intake. I could not drink coffee without sugar and for those who know me, using any kind of sweetner is never going to happen! So I just had to stop drinking coffee altogether. I'd tried cutting down and just having one sugar but I hated it, it just wasn't worth drinking the coffee when I didn't enjoy it.

So, I gave it up. I had two coffee's over Christmas but didn't enjoy them without the sugar. Yesterday I had a coffee with no sugar and I realy enjoyed it! I'd planned to try it with glucose but I forgot to take it with me. I am still shocked. I never ever thought I could enjoy a coffee with no sugar. It just goes to show how much I depended on the taste of sugar to make things palatable. Now that I'm not longer relying on the taste I can enjoy foods for their own flavour, not the mask that sugar coats them with.


  1. Congratulations on getting back on track so fast after the slip up. Having a hypo means you didn't really have a choice but to take sugar so I hope you haven't been beating yourself up too much about those choices. Given all you are going through at the moment I hope you are forgiving yourself too. You are one strong woman Donna - more power to you. Hugs from Perth xxx

  2. Good on you for getting back on track. Must say, I'm finding it quite challenging atm myself. I really just want something sweet.