Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Pet Peeve


This stuff ^^ it's truly horrid. How any parent can justify giving it to their child is beyond me. Even before I became a fructophope I still knew Nutella was not a food any child (or adult for that matter) should ever be eating. People, it's a jar of sugar and fat. Before you even see a hazelnut you have to get past 85% sugar and fat. That's right, there is almost 55% sugar in that jar and 30% fat, that's almost 85% sugar and fat alone.

It's not food, it's poison dressed up as a chocolate spread.


  1. here here! I have lost count of the amount of conversations with 7 year olds i have had over the years where they tell me that nutella is a healthy lunch sandwich..hmm.

  2. It scares me that I used to guzzle this stuff down! I never noticed the sugar content until I went on this diet. It's amazing how little there actually is in Nutella. Give me Peanut Butter any day now that I know what I know.