Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Blogies. I haz one.

I have been awarded the most awesome of bloggy awards..."The Blogie".

And as you can see for your very own eyes, it truly is an awesome sight.

And it's MINE! (But I must pass it on)

I was awarded this most wonderful of blog awards by the very funny, clever and awesome Jen over at Jemikaan (<-- If you click that Jemikaan dowhacky there it will take you to her blog!)

In accepting this award I must thank those that have bought me here. Blogging is something I love doing and it still astounds me every day that some of you out there actually drop in to read this crap that I dribble. I've lost a lot of followers since blogger sliced and diced my old fiveby40 blog into nothingness but it's good to see you all trickling back in, and not to mention the new faces too!

I want to pass this Blogie on to special folk out ther in Blogland. I do love each and every blog that I follow but there are some I tend to click on a little more than others and I think it's because these particular people really do 'get' me. But I do love youz all :D

Kakka She's just such a darling heart. I always know she's out there reading and being so unbelieveably supportive of me. She's been watching my journey of Jonah's pregnancy, the aftermath, the fitby41 blog and even now she's still there cheering me on. She has an awesome blog that is just straight from the heart. I always feel so calm after popping in there for a read. It's like going into a quiet room for some time out lol. So Karen, please accept this Blogie as a token of my thanks.

Danni Over at 'Ramblings of a Mama' has a great versatile blog, always interesting and funny. Danni and I have known each other since Paige and Sam were babies and we keep trying to catch up but it just never happens! This year, Danni....this year!!!

And although there are at least 20 people I want to pass this on to, I am just going to pick one more....

Sunny Side Up .Kirrily's blog. Just go there, read a few posts, and you'll know why.

So you three...step up and grab your Blogie!!


  1. thankyou my love! and yes, we will catch up this year, its a must

  2. Awww a Blogie! Thank you, Donna, I am stoked. (and I think I've been saying the same thing to Danni.... ooops)

  3. Many thanks Donna, your praise has made me blush. I love popping over here and missed you so when Blogger deleted you and I am so glad you are back in my life again. Hugs from Perth xxx

  4. Hey Donna, not sure if you saw this award I gave you a couple of weeks ago, it was on my other blog - hope you like it.