Friday, February 12, 2010


It's over, the MRI is done and again we wait. We also had some chromosome tests and more blood work done while he was under the general anaesthetic. Our appointment was for 11.30am with admission at 11.00am. We arrived half an hour early and went straight through admissions and into the MRI rooms. Jonah was under the anaesthetic by 11.15am, much sooner than I had anticipated!

He had to fast for 6 hours prior to the procedure so this morning when he woke at 3am I kept him awake. We played for an hour and I turned on the TV and all the lights so he'd think it was morning time. At 4am I fed him a bowl of weetbix and mashed banana and kept getting him to drink water. The poor little thing was wondering why I was chasing him around trying to shovel food into him LOL.

At 5.20am he fell asleep in my arms after having a big breastfeed. He was so full he could harly move lol. When he woke again just before 9am I knew he woudln't be starving. We headed off to the hospital at 10am, stopping for petrol along the way to drag out the time. The waiting room had these amazing panels on the walls that had all manner of things to flip turn and spin. Jonah loved it!!!

We're home. He's safe and fast asleep in my bed. I am off to snuggle up to him soon. I will be starting another blog with this journey in it. I want to keep is separate from our general blog because we're so new into this journey I don't want it to completely take over and I need to keep references for later on as he progresses through his surgery.

Keep an eye out for the new home!!


  1. So glad the procedure went well and it seems that Jonah wasn't too stressed by it all - how about his Mum - did you manage? Wish I could have been there to give you a hug, so sending you a virtual one instead. Will keep an eye out for Jonah's new blog. Hugs from Perth xxx

  2. You are such a good well-organised mummy! What thinking. Great idea about the separate blog of this new journey. I wonder what the chromosome tests might reveal.

  3. So glad the testing went well Bella. A separate blog sounds great too. Sending you a cyber hug too Bella - you are going through heaps of emotions at the moment and it's totally normal to feel the things that you are....I think writing them down will help a lot both now and in the future. Thinking of you all and please give the J man a huge hug and kiss from me!