Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A week or so ago...

I was waiting to see if my baby has Autism. There has been an update on that here....


This is Jonah's blog which I want to keep separate from this one so please feel free to head on over there and have a look around :)

OK so, when I last posted I was also awating the birth of a brand new nephew, he was due in for days time. I am proud to say that baby Otis arrived yesterday and he is just gorgeous. Unforuntately Otis was born with a hole is his diaphragm and some of his internal organs have moved into his chest cavity. This was not picked up in the scan and was totally unexpected.

He's doing well, has been transfered to the childrens hospital and will have surgery tomorrow or the next day. He looks a lot like his cousin Luke when he was born and I can't help but want to pick up that boy and squish him good!!

Luke is loving school and is doing so much better than we expected! He has mastered all of his 100 magic words and is now well into the next set! They get 100 words divided up onto coloured sheets and learn each set before moving on to the next. It starts with the Golden words and he learned those two days after he got them. That was the pattern, every time he would get a new set of words he would know them all two days after. He's just hooting along!

Sam is not coping as well without Luke home but he's doing ok. Sam, the child whom I said God gave me because He couldn't handle him, has turned into the most quiet, placid, Angelic little boy. I cannot believe he is the same child lol. He is so quiet, sentitive and just so loving. He doesn't destroy the house any more, thankfully, and he is such a joy to be around.

I think God knew that there would be no Mummy left if he gave me Sam as he was and Jonah together! :P

Now, that sugar thing. I am thrilled to say I am still off the sugar and hope to be for a very long time. I just cannot cannot cannot eat it. It goes straight to my mid section and I can't shift it! Plus, it makes me feel downright awful. I sleep poorly, I can't concentrate, my skin goes terrible and I generaly feel lethargic and foggy headed when I am on sugar.

I am so happy to be off it again. I have also told people that I will not be joining them for dessert when we are out. My birthday was the last hoorah and that's it!

I am starting another 12 week challenge at my gym and have been doing a running programme for the past 7 weeks. I have made some great gains but I still need to shift some kilos so I don't feel like I'm running with a weight vest on when all I am wearing is a T shirt lol. I shall keep you all updated on that one!

OK, nuff from me.


  1. Oh wow, what a lot to take in for baby Otis' parents (and family). Good luck to your sweet little nephew as he undergoes such huge surgery.

    And very best of luck to you with the continuing story of Jonah. You seem well onto it, how organised are you!

    So interesting about your observations about how your body reacts on/off sugar. I was a zealot too when I was off it altogether in 2003! I wish now that I had stayed off it.... I'm not quite in a headspace to do it again, but it's a vicious circle isn't it really?

  2. Hi Donna, hope your nephew came through the op with flying colours. I will pop over to kickingthewolf from time to time. Hugs from Perth xxx