Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 18. The best day yet.

Sorry to my regular blog readers who are not interested in this latest bandwagon I have clambered aboard lol. But you should all know by now how obsessed I get when I am on to a good thing!!

Today has by far been my best since giving up sugar. As I mentioned before, to get though the withdrawals I ate a lot of fruit and chugged down more glucose than oxygen at times but, you do what you have to to get through the worst of it. I actually noticed more improvement yesterday which has continued on to today.

Today I'm finally awake. The 20+ years of head fog I have been carrying around seems to have lifed and I feel like I have more energy than ever in my life. That's saying something considering I have three small boisterous and very messy children to run around after but I really do feel alive.

And I can taste again! This has been one of the biggest things I've noticed since I went sugar free, everything tastes so much sweeter. As I mentioned before, I have been having glugose powder in places where I'd normally have sugar but last night I just felt like I didn't really need that any more. So, today I tried tea with no glucose in it, and I kid you not I could swear it was still in there. I can taste the sweetness in the dash of milk I put in it and that's enough to satisfy the taste buds.

For those who know me, you'd understand what huge deal this is. Two sugars, every single time, tea or coffee it HAD to have two sugars in it or it just wasn't worth drinking. I tried cutting down to one and a half but it just didn't work. It tasted wrong unless it was spiked with the two sugars. If there was no sugar around I simply didn't drink it. To be able to have tea now with no sugar really is just phenomenal for me.

This morning I again tasted Jonah's Weet bix and mashed banana, just to see, and again it tasted very sweet, even sweeter than when I tasted it the other day. Those of you out there feeling sorry for your tots who are munching on bland farex or weetbix, cry no more! To them the stuff is as sweet as if it had been spiked with buckets of sugar.

Again the satiety feeling I get after eating kicks in so much quicker than before. I just ate a tuna salad and drank a glass of water and I'm sitting down because I'm literally too stuffed to move. The only times I felt like that was when I was at an all you can eat buffet where I'd eat the equivalent of two main meals and three desserts before I'd feel 'stuffed'.

I also made a concious effort today not to eat too much fruit. I am happy to have 2-3 pieces a day, preferably only two but I had been eating up to 8 pieces a day. I'd prefer to get most of my caloric intake from vegetables and protien rather than so much fruit.

I'm so interested in food these days. Not just food in front of me, food at the super market etc, I mean food as a fuel and how its nutrients work for and against us. I'd love to look into it more (study it) but there is so much mis information out there so I wouldn't know whether what I was being taught was credible or utter crap. These days I'm relying on sources who have the experience to back up their claims, not just from some skinny cow who wrote a book.

It just makes so much sense.


  1. You used the word 'phenomenal'. And this truly is a phenomenal effort, one to be applauded. You might get me inspired yet! (I went sugar free 7 years ago and lost 10kg in 3mths, along with gluten and dairy free too = a real detox) I now wish I hadn't gone back to old habits, cos I know what those cold turkey withdrawals feel like. I take my hat off to you :) It's hard, but rewarding.

  2. I have awarded you a Blogie Donna :)

  3. Ohhh a Blogie!!! I am honored :) I shall display it with pride :-D

    Ohh yes, the old cold turkey! Truly, I think I can honestly say now that I'm at the end of it that it really was as hard as giving up smoking. I was in such a fog through the worst of it that it's only now I look back and realise how hard it was.

    Not to put anyone of but really, if it's that hard to give up, imagine what it's doing to your body!! If you know smoking is bad, consider fructose just as bad. It's going to kill you in the long run.

    One good thing though, although the withdrawal symptoms were horrid, I rarely actually craved sugar. When I gave up smoking 6+ years ago I had the withdrawal symptoms AND the cravings. With sugar it was pretty much just withdrawal symptoms and they subsided much sooner. With nicotine I was still craving months later. With fructose, I seem to be completely over it in just under three weeks and only two of those weeks were hard.