Friday, January 15, 2010

Nothing Sweet About Me.

Hmmm...that reminds me of a song!

On January 2nd 2010 I made the momentous decision to give up sugar. Yes, that's right Give.up.sugar! I mean all sugar too, well, wherever possible.

For years I've had issues with sugar. About 15 years ago I started getting terrible hypoglycaemic attacks where I would feel dizzy, shakey, confused, rapid heart rate, sweat, and I would need an instant carb hit to get me back to 'normal'. My endocrinologist told me that it was my pancreas chugging to a halt, a bit like a car engine that chugs and putters along before finally going kaput!

My last two pregnancies resulted in me having gestational diabetes which never did come under control and I was injecting insulin 4 times a day. Between pregnancies I was also diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Hardly surprising given the history.

As most know, about 15 months ago I joined a gym so began to get some very regular and very intense exercise. Since then I have literally reversed the effects of the diabetes and can no longer really call myself a diabetic. My 3 monthly HbA1c blood tests have all been around the 5.4 mark for the past 12 months since I started exercising. Exercise does good things!

But, I stil felt something wasn't quite right and I knew there was a lot more to learn with regard to what I was eating. I went on a bit of a quest to see what I could learn and more and more, the damaging effects of sugar kept popping up in the results of my google search.

Then one day, I saw this....

(couldn't embed clip. See link below)

Please, I urge you to watch it. It does go for an hour and a half but I guarantee you it will captivate you as an audience. For me it was life changing, but then again, I was looking to change something, you might not be!

I will be back to post my progress. I did mean to post as I went along but with a house full of visitors and then a broken computer, that just didn't happen! I'm on day 16 now and I remember the worst of it (sorry but sugar withdrawal is a bitch) so will blog about how I'm doing and the crafty ways I have managed to get sugar hits when I most desperately needed them!!

Watch this...

Sugar:The Bitter Truth



  1. I was diagnosed with fibrmyalgia(sp?) in my back causing horrible back pain, years ago and my gp at the time told me to give up all sugar! It was horrible at first! the withdrawels were a killer and I felt like I was missing out on everything. But then a week and a half later the doctor weighed me and I had lost nearly 2 kilos with doing nothing other than cutting out sugar. I also had no back pain and felt terrific.

    I also was told to cut out sugar (it crept back in over the years) when I had depression the second time around and the difference to my mood and the way I felt was amazing. Again though..sugar crept back in to my diet.

    Cutting out sugar is something that I know that I should do. It will enrich my life and make me feel good. But right now it is the one thing I cannot bring myself to do again. I will though one day. Good luck Donna as you go through a life without sugars. I would love to hear your substitutes in cooking or for a sugar fix so to speak, it might be the nudge I need to go sugar free again :)

  2. Jen, thanks for that! It's great to know some Doctors have known of the evils of sugar for a while. It's not just some new aged fandangled movement, I mean, who'd willingly give up something so delicious that is in almost everything we eat if there was nothing wrong with it!? Not me!

    Tomorrow I will blog my progress and how I've managed to thwart the worst of the sugar cravings!