Saturday, January 30, 2010


He is big like little baby dinosaur!! Not official but I did a pretty decent weigh and measure on him yesterday and it seems he's well and truly on the charts! He's about 15th centile for height and 20th% for weight. That's a giant (pardon the pun) leap for a tot who until recently didn't even scrape into the 3rd percentile for height and was barely touching the 10th for weight.

He's growing!!

Developmentally he's quite far behind. In fact if I check him against the DSM IV he'd get a diagnosis of ASD but I just don't think that's our issue. His gross motor skills seem fine but he staggers a lot, like he has no balance and he can't run yet but I'm not sure at what age that usually comes. But he can climb and conquer any piece of furniture in the house! He has hyperacusis (Over sensitive hearing) which Luke also suffers from. It's a pain, there are noises everywhere and they all make him scream in fear.

Language, both receptive and expressive are far behind. He doesn't talk, at all, and he doesn't seem to understand instructions or much of what we are saying to him. He can't do any "Show me your foot/eyes/nose," etc and can't follow simple instructions like, "Go and get your shoes," or, "Where is the book?" But he does love it when I sing to him or when Darling Husband plays guitar. It seems music is his thing.

His fine motor skills are also very far behind. He still hasn't developed a pincer grip, can't self feed, has trouble drinking even from a sippy cup and refuses to hold a pencil or any kind of writing implement.

We have a stack of tests and specialist appointments coming up in the next three weeks. I have lost all hope that they'll ever find what's wrong with him but we will definitely be needing early intervention so I will go along and get the appropriate paper work filled out.

Stay tuned!!

(Woops, sorry bout the sideways pic!)


  1. I have three children who have ASD or Asperger's syndrome and they do share similaities to your little boy. I hope you are able to find out the problem. It's hard not having a definite diagnosis.

  2. Good luck with all the testing Donna. Ashman is showing many of the same traits at this age that K (who was diagnosed ASD last year) had at this age/stage but they can also be put down to Ashmans age atm. I was concerned for a while but then figure that whatever will be will be. Ashton is only just starting to do fast walking...wouldn't call it running, he almost doesn't bend his knees when he walks so can't get the speed up and has just started climbing. His speech is only now starting to pick up also...only two weeks ago he barely knew any words, and he isn't doing things that we ask as yet either (i think the other kids were at this age) . Sorry, you didn't ask what my little man was doing and I am going off on a tangent *oops*. I was so happy to hear in this post of Jonahs growth :) that is awesome. I hope you can get some answers from the specialists Donna :)