Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fail to plan...plan to fail.

Yesterday was an epic fail. I failed to notice that we'd run out of eggs. Eggs are a staple part of my breakfast. Every morning I start the day with an egg and vegetable omelete. The eggs are a great source of protein and the vegetables give me the carbs I need for energy.

Yesterday morning, no eggs. So what did I do?? I thought, "Oh it's ok, I'll just have toast, I haven't had any processed carbs in a while so it will be ok. So I had toast and vegemite for breakfast. Fail!

Within two hours I was starving. We'd gone to Costco ( to stock up on eggs!) and whilst there we bought a tray of croissants. Famished, I just ate one, but it wasn't enough and then I was literally craving another one. So I ate another one and it was good! The high energy carbs from the bread had hit my blood steam like a sugar fountain and the cravings came back in full swing.

Seriously, I felt out of control. Two hours later I was again famished. I ate two more. The croissants had sugar as one of their ingredients so I was feeding the addiction. I knew it but I didn't want to stop it. It was kind of like all those times when I gave up smoking, a few weeks after giving up I'd have..just one...just one and then I won't have any more! Of course until that last time I gave up, I always did have more.

It was the same with the croissants. By days end I'd eaten four of them! They tasted bloody nice too! LOL. Sure they weren't as sugar laden as a cake but they didn't need to be. They had sugar in them and that's all that mattered. That's why I didn't feel full after eating them and that's why I still wanted more food even though I had already eaten.

This morning I woke feeling lile I had a hangover. I'm not kidding. I had the worst headache, my face was all red and puffy, I was lethargic and felt really unwell. Luckily I had eggs in the house again so I quickly whipped up some eggs, spinach and mushrooms before the temptation to eat bread came over me again.

Bread isn't the devil and I'm not suggesting it is, but for me it's a precursor to a carb overload so it's best I just don't eat it. It's kind of like an ex smoker sitting in a room full of smokers, trying not to want one. Bread is my smoking buddy.

Today has been ok. I'm tired but that can be blamed on a myriad for things. Good lesson learned though. I'm just not strong enough yet to allow any high energy carbs into my system.

I did have the most awesome blueberry smoothy for lunch though!!

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