Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ok, so...I suck!

Yes once again I admit, I suck at blogging. I guess my heart just isn't in it since they tore down fiveby40. But, alas I am no quitter so I am aiming to resume as soon and as regularly as possible.

It still sucks bigtime that I can't paste anything in here. Does anyone know why? Nothing pastes at all so I can't put pics in here.

Anyhoo, quick rundown of life so far in 2010.

Christmas: Was awesome. Jdude was sick, poor little bear but Firstborn and his darling gf were here to share it with us so that made it a great day. Everything went off without a hitch. If you want to see pics send me a request on facebook. Just let me know your name so I can add you.

New year: Again, prefect! We had two lovely sets of friends over and partied on until after midnight as much as one my age can! Actually I think I stayed up until about 1.30am so that was good.

2010: The year so far. We've had my IL's visiting us for the past week. They came to celebrate Sam's 4th birthday as they had never had a chance to see him for his birthday before now. Sam had a great party and if I could I'd post a pic of his awesome spider cake, made by moi! Yes, blowing own trumpet once again but when no one else will, what can you do?!?!

My newest venture this year is going sugar free...Yep, cutting out all sugar and that means in everything processed as well. Did you know peanut butter has about as much sugar added to it as coke? True. Frightening but true.

Sugar withdrawal is nasty. I've been off it for 12 days now and I intended to blog about it every day but this thing called life got in the way and well, you know how it goes.

Ok, off to try and see if I can fix this pasting problem. In the mean time I think I will just add a bunch of pics from the album via "Add image" and let you all sort through them.

Back soon! I promise ;)

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