Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fruit Free Friday!!

Yes I know today is only Thursday but I wanted to mention that tomorrow will be my first fruit free day since giving up fructose Woohoo!! I had been relying heavily on fruit to get me through the fructose withdrawals but in the past two to three days I've happily not needed any fruit even though I have eaten some. Yesterday I ate it because I had left over fruit salad from the day before and today I ate it because I had a mango in the fridge that either needed to be eaten today or thrown out tomorrow. And we all know that chucking out a mango is sacrilege!!

Today I have not had any glucose and I'm totally fine, no withdrawal symptoms at all and I feel great. I did have a horrid nights sleep last night so I'm suprised I feel as good as I do today.

I also wanted to note another change. Everything is salty! Not only are things tasting much sweeter now, they are also tasting salty. I mean salty foods of couse, my apples aren't salty lol. Savoury foods are much saltier tasting than before and I have found that for the past few nights I haven't added any extra salt to my meals. I eat a vegetable omelete pretty much every morning for breakfast and I always add some crushed green olives to give it a salty flavor. For the past few days it's been too much, almost getting too salty, and I've noticed it in other foods too.

My need for tea drinking has all but stopped. I love a hot drink with my breakfast but apart from that I don't seem to be looking for it any more.

ok, Jonah has just wandered out of the toilet with wet hands...ewww! Signing off now.

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